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 Latest News - 2019 Season


Casting at the tail of Poll na Creice.


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Thursday 16th May 2019

Since my last report we have had a further twelve Salmon as well as five Sea Trout one of those at 9lb. The details are on the Catch Reports page.The river height has settled at the 4/5 inch level and the warmer weather should encourage the night time Sea Trout angler.With rain being forecast over the weekend which will cool things down and maybe get more fish on the move from the lower beats.The catch numbers are looking better,we are at 29 Salmon as opposed to 20 for last Season.
Yours Salmo Salar

Saturday 4th May 2019

Salmon are now showing in good numbers through out the Association waters, there were four good sized fish caught yesterday and four so far today as well as one Sea Trout. The details are on the Catch Reports page.
Yours Salmo Salar

Thursday 2nd May 2019

Into May already and its been a more positive last few weeks. Since the 18th April we have had another three Salmon weighing 10lbs,19lbs and 20lbs as well as six Sea Trout including two at 4lb and two at 6lb. The weather has turned again to rain with snow forecast this weekend. Hopefully the rise in water will encourage a few more fresh fish up and into the Association Waters.
Yours Salmo Salar

Saturday 20th April 2019

Its been a mixed bag on the Association this week. Cool start to the week then bright blue skys. No rain so far but the water came up due to snow melt but only a couple of inches.
Yours Salmo Salar

Saturday 6th April 2019

Another week over and its been rather quiet on the Association.

Its been a mixed week of weather ...wet ,windy , heavy snow then more rain .

The height this morning  was 2`3"  and falling .A good height for the spinner but again lack of fishers meant no fish recorded as of yet.

Temperatures are looking to be on the rise next week and brighter conditions .With Easter approaching hopefully the anglers will arrive.
Yours Salmo Salar

Thursday 4th April 2019

Welcome to our news page for the 2019 season. We aim to keep this page updated regularly with catches, conditions and prospects.

So far this season, five salmon and one sea-trout have been reported. This includes three at 12 lbs, one at 15 lbs and one at 20 lbs.

The river height has been fairly steady, to date, and is presently 1 foot 9 inches.

Plenty of fish are being seen, however anglers are in short supply.

We have experienced a fair amount of snow during the past couple of days. We expect things to warm up with some rain due tonight; tomorrow's temperature may even hit double-figures.

All being well, another update will follow on Saturday.
Yours Salmo Salar

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