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Photo Gallery


Displayed below, are a small selection of photographs from our waters which were taken in recent seasons. They are not necessarily in chronological order.

George Oliver with a fish of 10lbs from Tarric Mor in early May 2017

A super picture. Ian Eckersley with a decent 12lbs salmon from the Lurg on 22nd May 2017



Above are a couple of very 'arty' pictures featuring 2017 fish landed by Des Dougan. Many thanks, Des.



Above two pictures feature enthusiastic visitors from Germany, Philip Casey (top) and his friend Friedrich, (in yellow).


An alluring picture of one of John Gray's many sea-trout


John Gray's 4lbs sea-trout.



John Gray's sea-trout of 7.5lbs


Yet another very nice sea-trout of 5 lbs as caught & photographed by John Gray in 2017




Above are just some of the many fish landed by Stuart Carswell in 2017.



Above are pictured a couple of 2017 grilse landed by James Chambers

Above is pictured a 10lbs sea-trout landed by Andrew Davie on 25th September 2017, from the Long Pool.


Cosmo Imperale with a fish from The Lurg on the 10th September 2016


A very nice sea-trout of about 5 lbs which was caught, photographed and returned by local member, John Gray. The fish was caught in Little Stream whilst John was fishing for salmon.

A coloured 14 pounder from the Dulnain Mouth by Nigel Davies on 3rd September 2016


Jerry Gallienne's 9lbs fish from the Long Pool on 11th August 2016


Andy Gatenby's fish of 12 lbs from Little Stream.


Red Throated diver fishing Saddle Pool on 9th July.

Roy MacGregor with a fresh salmon of 9lbs from the Lurg

Claus Kroman with a 10 lbs salmon from Tarric Mor June 2016




Pictured above, are three recent fish landed by George Oliver, June 2016

Willie Laird with a fish of about 20 lbs from Poll an Eilean, 11th May 2016

Nigel Davies' 10 lbs fish from Saddle Pool on 7th May 2016

George Oliver with a fish of 10lbs from Tarric Mor in early May 2017

George Oliver with a fine fish of 15 lbs from Poll Clach on 26th April 2016

Darren Grant with a 10 lbs salmon from the Long Pool on the 23rd April 2016

Pictured, below, of some chaps from the Spey Fishery Board electro-fishing in one of our pools, Slop Aindrea. Their research was conducted in October 2015.









The below picture was taken on the 31st October 2015 in a small burn which feeds directly into our own waters. It would appear that an otter has taken a few bites from a hen salmon - that's life




Above are displayed some of Nigel Davies' fish which he has landed during the last week of our 2015 season

Mark Slight with a good fish from Poll na Creice.

Cosimo Imperiale with an 11 lbs fish, in spawning colours, from Tarric Mor

Russell Dilks with a 14 pounder from Poll Clach

Above 3 pictures of Chris Shanks with various salmon from his week's fishing in July 2015.

Kenny Carr's fish of about 14lbs on 22nd June 2015

Above pictures from 2015 of sea-trout recently landed by John Gray, the lower fish was estimated at 7.5 lbs

An 8 lbs salmon caught by Marc Hewitt on 29th May 2015

Niall Douglas with a 2015 salmon from Craggan Sands

A 12 pound fish from Tarric Mor

A 12 pound fish from Balliefurth

Matthew Pawsey, one of our junior members, with a nice brown trout in 2015

Jerry Gallienne's sea-trout from Tarric Mor in 2015.

A fine salmon landed by Gordon Manuel

A decent fish landed by 'Scott' which took an Abu Tormentor

'Scott' with a fresh sea-trout which also fell to an Abu Tormentor.

Jamie McCulloch's fresh salmon

Jamie McCulloch with a decent sea-trout

Cosimo Imperiale with an 18 pounder from the Long Pool

Jerry Gallienne's 12 pounder from the Long Pool

Another fresh fish caught by Nigel Davies - a 10 pounder from Tarric Mor.

Nigel Davies with one of the four fish which he landed from Poll Clach on 1st May

A magnificent salmon of 16lbs+ landed by Ken Crake on 18th April 2015


A very nice spring salmon of 12 lbs landed by Cosimo Imperiale on 19th March 2015.

Bobby Hall with a 5 lbs sea-trout

Jerry Gallienne with a 6lbs fish from Poll na Gower

River Dulnain, Monday 11th August 2014

John Gray's 3½ lbs sea-trout in June

Dave Woodcock with a 23½ lbs fish on 11th June 2014

John Petch's 12 pounder on 3rd June 2014

Jean Etienne Delsuc near the Old Bridge Pool in May 2014

John Davis at Tarric Mor


John Gray landed a 2½ lbs brownie from the Dulnain in May

Bobby Hall with a 16 pounder from Poll Clachan Lios on 23rd April 2014

Mr. J Chambers with a fresh fish of 8 lbs, also from Poll Clachan Lios on 24th April 2014

The following 3 pictures are of Paul Russell with a 13 pounder on 29th March 2014





A 4½ lbs sea-trout landed from Balliefurth Pool and photographed by John Gray.

Fantastic sea-trout of 7lbs and 5lbs caught & photographed by John Gray on the 5th July 2013

Mark Slight's 12 pounder from the Lurg of 25th June 2013. 

Bobby Hall with sea-trout of 7 lbs and 5 lbs.

Local member, Bobby Hall with a 22 lbs fish from Tarric Mor on 23rd May 2013.

A 6 lb salmon from Lower Bend landed & pictured by Jerry Gallienne on the 14th May 2013.

An 11 lbs sea-liced fish landed by Jerry Gallienne on 11th May 2013 from Lower Bend.

Peter Page's 9 lbs fish which he landed from the Long Pool 4th May 2013.

Shungo Yoshino, from Tokyo, with a 17lbs fish from Poll na Gower on 29th April 2013.

Bobby Hall, with a 12 lbs fish which he caught on fly in the Long Pool on the 25th April 2013

Specimen sea-trout from 2012 

A fantastic sea-trout of nearly 10 lbs, landed by Brian Stewart on the 12th May 2012

Another beautiful sea-trout of 7 lbs, also landed by Brian Stewart on 12th May 2012

Local member Peter Page with a fish of at least 32lbs which he landed at the Dulnain Mouth Pool on the 10th of September 2010. Peter caught the 43.5 inch long fish on size 10 double fly of his own making. The fish was the largest from our 2010 season and was returned alive.

Graham Erskine with a fish of over 25lbs caught at Tarric Mor on 16th June 2009. The fish was returned alive and was the largest reported fish of our 2009 season.

o O o

Stewart Anderson with a fresh 19lbs fish which he caught on 15th April 2009 Scale analysis has shown this fish to be 5 years old having spent 2 years in the river as a juvenile and three years at sea.

o O o


(Just click any of the below thumbnails for a larger image)

Winter 2008/09 at Muckrach Falls on the River Dulnain where there was so much ice, it was a wonder that the river was running at all!


The next photograph is of a male kelt weighing about 15 lbs. You will see how it has been locked in the ice and it's now making a meal for the birds.

The next ten photographs, below, will give you some idea of the some of the work that the Spey Fishery Board does in its efforts to increase salmon stocks in our waters. They display everything from the netting stage, to the adult salmon being stripped, examined and tagged at the hatchery, the irrigated tanks where the eggs are kept, the release of a stripped and tagged fish and the hatchery itself.



In June 2008, Mr Trachsel from Switzerland paid his first visit to our waters; he had a great time and caught lots of fish during his week in Grantown. He was kind enough to send us some of his photographs, two of which are displayed below. Mr Trachsel enjoyed himself so much that he has promised to return this year - with lots of his friends! Thank you Mr Trachsel.


Above is a beautifully marked fish caught by Mr Trachsel, in June 2008.


Another fresh fish caught by Mr Trachsel in June 2008. This fish was returned.



Mr Lee Graham from Dumfries with a 14 pounder from The Lurg on Fly. He landed three fish in as many days on his first visit to Grantown in 2006.



A 5 lbs Brown-Trout caught & returned by Graeme Storey in September 2006.



Balliefurth Farm towards Broomhill in the floods of January 2008



There was a good turn-out of anglers for opening day , 12th Feb 2007. Here is a small party of them beside the Old Bridge who were enjoying a barbeque and wee dram.



The view from The Old Cemetery, Saturday 4th March 2006.



Local member, Cosimo Imperiale with his 19 lbs salmon which he caught in Polnagower with a spinner on the 18th April 2005. It was the 3rd heaviest fish of that season on the Grantown Association Water.



MacLeod's Pool Friday 18th March 2005.



The hut on The Lurg Pool taken 10th January 2005.





Here's a funny wee picture taken in 2004 beside The Old Cemetery.




Mr. A. Rennie on opening day in 1973 - first fish of the season weighing 23 lbs.

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