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Membership, Permits, Rules and Conditions of the Club.



Casting at the tail of Bridge Pool


Conservation Measures



Scottish Government legislation now states that all salmon will be returned to the water alive, up to 31st March. However, this Association and the Spey Fishery Board recommend that all salmon be returned alive up to, and including 31st May.


Additionally, Spey Fishery Board conservation policy already states that -

All hen salmon and grilse must be returned to the river alive, throughout the season.

The 1st, 3rd, 5th, etc.. cock fish must be returned to the river alive.

Throughout the season, all stale or gravid fish must be released.

Escaped 'farmed' salmon must be retained.

Where possible, anglers should be encouraged to fish with fly.

All hooks should be pinched or barbless.

Where spinning is allowed, only one set of barbless hooks may be used on a lure.


All sea-trout of more than 3 lbs in weight or 50cm/20in' in length must be returned to the water alive.

All unseasonable fish, those being stale fish, kelts, over-wintered finnock, smolts must be returned to the water alive.

All anglers may only take one sea-trout of takeable size per calendar day.

All finnock of 1 lb or less / or of 14 inches in length or less, must be returned to the water alive

This Association has banned the taking of all sea-trout during the month of September.

A. Membership and Permits.

Membership of the Strathspey Angling Improvement Association (SAIA) is open to anyone whose Principle place of residence is in the Grantown-on-Spey, Cromdale, Duthil, Carrbridge, Dulnain Bridge, and Nethybridge areas

B. Local Membership of the Club.

Permits are issued in the following categories. 

1. Adult Season Permit: 250.00

2. Senior Citizen Season Permit: 160.00

3. Junior Permit holder under 16 years of age: 15.00

4. Youth Permit, 16 to 20 years of age: 115.00 

C. Visitor Permits.

Visitor permits are available to persons temporarily residing in the Grantown-on-Spey, Cromdale, Duthil, Carrbridge, Dulnain Bridge, and Nethybridge areas. 

Visitor permits are always available to purchase from Mortimer's shop in Grantown's High Street. Permits are also available to purchase on-line from www.fishpal.com  Please note that if you wish to book fishing for more than four days, it will be less expensive for you to purchase a Weekly Visitor Permit, (215) ......... which is only available to purchase from Mortimer's Shop. (Weekly Visitor Permits are not presently available from Fishpal.) If in any doubt, please contact Mortimer's Shop on 01479 872684, where the wonderful staff will be delighted to assist you. Have you considered a visitor Season Permit at only 595 ?

All anglers, including those purchasing permits on-line, must ensure that they are in possession of a signed permit, obtained from Mortimer's, shop before fishing.

Visitor permits are issued on a daily or weekly or seasonal basis.

Permits purchased in person from Mortimer's Shop are priced as follows -

Daily Visitor Permit: 55.00 per day*

Weekly Visitor Permit: 215.00 **

Junior Visitor Permit, under 16 years of age: 15.00 for day or week.

Youth Visitor Permit, 16 to 20 years of age: 115.00 (weekly tickets only). 

* Day permit holders can only fish upstream from the New Bridge to the upper limit of the club water at Broomhill Bridge. 

**Weekly permits are issued for 7 full days fishing over an 8 day period, there being no fishing allowed on a Sunday.

Reduced Rate:

The club offers fishing at a reduced rate up to 31st March each year when the price of a daily permit is just 20. 

Season Visitor

Visitor Season Permits are available to anyone at a cost of £595 per annum and represent outstanding value for money.

Day tickets cover the period from 8.45am to midnight on the day of issue.

Weekly permits are issued from one minute past midnight on the day of issue to midnight on the date of expiry.

Permits are not transferable. 

The Rules and conditions of the Club.

It is important that all members and visitors read and understand the Rules and Conditions as set out below. The Association will update you on any changes to Rules and Conditions at the time of issue – please note that ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance. 

All permits are issued for fishing for Salmon, Grilse, Sea Trout and Brown Trout, inclusive. 

A. The extend of the Fishing.

The Association has fishing on both banks of the river Spey covering approximately 6 miles of water from Broomhill Bridge to pool 32, Slop Thomas on the Upper Castle Grant beat. There are a further 12 miles of fishing on both banks of the river Dulnain. 


Day Permit Holders.

Day permit holder are entitled to fish with one rod and line on both banks of the river Spey downstream from Broomhill Bridge near Nethy Bridge to and including pool 21, Polnagour, immediately above the New Bridge at Grantown-on-Spey, a distance of 4 miles or thereby. Day permit holders also have permission to fish on the river Dulnain on both banks from the bridge at Inverlaidan to the mouth of the Dulnain at pool 2, a distance of  approximately 12 miles.

Members, Season Visitors, Weekly Permit Holders.

Members, Season Visitors and Weekly permit holders have full access to the waters specified above for day ticket holders and in addition have access to fishing on both banks of the Upper Castle Grant water from pool 22 downstream to pool 32, a total of 6 miles both banks on the Spey and 12 miles on the Dulnain. 

B. Persons with Disabilities.

While the Association is keen to encourage fishing among persons who have disabilities, the natural conditions of the river and the banks of the Spey mitigate against easy access. The Association may allow vehicular access on Upper Castle Grant from the Old Bridge down to Slop Thomas to people with disabilities or for elderly people with impaired mobility. Such access is granted by the land owners and/or tenants on the understanding that vehicles must be parked in designated parking places and must not be driven onto adjacent fields. 

C. Conditions to be Observed by Ticket Holders.


1. Persons Entitled to Fish on SAIA Water.

1.1 Only persons in possession of a valid permit or fully paid up members may fish on the SAIA water.

1.2. Permission to fish is granted to the person in whose favour the permit is granted and may not be transferred to another person. 


2. The Fishing Season. 

Salmon, Grilse and Sea Trout: 

The season for Salmon, Grilse and Sea Trout commences on 11th February ending on 30th of September of each year. 


Brown Trout:

The Brown Trout season commences on the 15th of March and ends on the 30th of September each year. 

Should the first day of the season fall on a Sunday fishing will commence on the 12th of February for       salmon and on the 16th of March for brown trout. 



3. The Permissions Granted. 

Permit holders and members are granted the privilege of angling on the Association water using one rod and line at any given time, within the hours and days at the places specified hereon. 


3.1. Restrictions. 

3.1.1. Permit holders must not take or kill any salmon fry, parr or smolt nor fry of other species.

3.1.2. All kelts, baggots or gravid fish must be returned.

3.1.3. All trout under 8” must be returned.

3.1.4. All finnock caught by anglers of 16 years or over must be returned to the water alive.

Additionally, all sea-trout caught during the month of September must be returned to the water alive.

3.1.5. Fish taken on the Association water may not be sold.

3.1.6. The use of a gaff is specifically forbidden.

3.1.7. Anglers shall not be accompanied by a dog/s.

3.1.8. Anglers must not interfere with game or live stock on adjoining land.

3.1.9. No float fishing is allowed at any time.

3.1.10. The use of lead cored lines is prohibited.

3.1.11. Rapala Lures, the front and centre trebles hooks must have their points bent in towards the hook shaft to avoid damage to the eyes of fish that should be released.

3.1.12. No prawns, shrimp, maggot, salmon / trout roe or by products containing salmon / trout roe may be used at any time.


4. Catch Reports.

Making catch reports is a vital part of the process of river management: 

4.1.  Permit holders must report catches of all salmon, grilse and sea trout to the Association Secretary, at Mortimer’s Tackle Shop, 3, High Street, Grantown-on-Spey.

4.2.  You are required to report all fish killed or returned.

4.3.  Report the number of fish caught, species, where the fish were caught and what method was used.

4.4.  Reports must be made within 24 hours of fish being caught. 


5. Persons Authorised to Examine Permits and Tackle.

5.1. Permit holders must exhibit their permits at all times when asked to do so by: The Association Bailiff, the Proprietor’s Watchers, Spey Board Bailiffs, Office Bearers or members of the Management Committee of the Association or any person identified as authorised to demand such exhibition. 

Failure to comply with the request by any of the above authorised persons may result in permit holders being turned off the water by the aforementioned person or persons. 

5.2. Permit holders shall give all the assistance in their power to prevent illegal fishing and poaching and shall permit the authorised person described above to inspect the fish and fishing tackle in their possession. 

6. Giving Consideration to the Property of Others.

Proper care and consideration must be given to property on land adjoining the Spey and the tributaries thereof including; fences, woods, crops and live stock. 

Permit holders found misusing property shall be held liable for the damage done and will have their permit forfeited.

7. Fishing Etiquette.

7.1. Anglers shall commence fishing at a marker.

7.2. No angler will cut in front of another when fishing a pool.

7.3. Each angler will take his/her turn to fish a pool in accordance with the

order of their arrival at the pool.

7.4. Anglers must move at least 1 metre between each cast, travelling downstream at all times. 

8. Life Preservers.

It is mandatory that life preservers or life jackets are worn at all times while fishing the Upper Castle Grant beat. It is strongly advised that life preservers or life jackets are worn throughout our water. 

9. Restrictions on Fishing Methods.

9.1. A Fly Fishing Only rule applies on pools 5 through 21 when the river is below Normal Summer Level (NSL Red). The tail of pool 12, Tarric Mor and pool 13, Craggan Sands down to Inverallen burn mouth are also excluded from this rule.

9.2. Upper Castle Grant beat is Fly Only with the exception that spinning is permitted when the water height at the New Bridge gauge shows 1’9” and rising above NSL (Red).

9.3. Worming is not permitted on Upper Castle Grant at any time or water height.

10. Restrictions on the Dulnain.

Fishing is prohibited between the Bridge Pool (pool 5) and the Bulwarks (pool 8) from the 1st of September to the end of the season when the water is no higher than 6 inches above normal summer level.

11. Casting Instruction. 

Casting instruction areas for fishing schools have been designated as approximately 100 yards of the right bank below the New Bridge and 100 yards of the left bank above the Old bridge (left and right bank are defined as the bank to your left or right while looking down stream).  These areas have been clearly marked with blue poles. Permit holders are not permitted to fish in these areas when they are being used by fishing schools. When the designated areas are not in use permit holders may use the areas in accordance with the rules for Upper Castle Grant. 

12. Forfeiture of Permits or Membership.

Any ticket holder infringing any of the foregoing Rules and Conditions or who may be or has been convicted of illegal fishing and fails to disclose the matter or any offence under the Acts relative to Salmon or Trout fishing shall forfeit his/her permit with all the privileges carried by it. Suspension or forfeiture of an angler’s permit may result if an angler acts in an unreasonable, aggressive or inappropriate way to authorised watchers or committee members or other anglers or as a result of his/her actions or demeanour brings the Association into disrepute. 

Such forfeiture or suspension shall be sufficiently instructed by a letter under the hand of the Secretary of the Association directed to the permit holder at the address stated on his/her permit.
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